Surgical Services

The surgical suite at Coral Breeze Animal Hospital is designed to accomodate surgical procedures from spays and neuters to more complex soft tissue and emergency surgeries.  We use modern monitoring equipment to keep track of our patient’s temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, heart rhythm, respiration rate, and oxygen levels.  We also have an animal-approved heating system to keep surgical patients at a normal body temperature during any anesthetic procedure.  Our veterinarians are assisted by experienced technicians that receive training and continuing education on a regular basis.  Together, they keep a close watch on all our patients to ensure everything goes smoothly during surgery.

We know that surgical procedures are stressful for you and your pet.  Our goal is to make your pet’s surgical procedure as safe and comfortable as possible.

Before the Surgery

Every pet receives a thorough physical examination as well as laboratory tests before any anesthetic/surgical procedure.  This is to uncover any exisiting medical conditions that may complicate the use of anesthesia.  The bloodwork will give us an idea of kidney and liver function, the main organs responsible for processing anesthesia.  Based on this information, the Doctors develop an anesthetic protocol specifically tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Safety During and After the Surgery

A technician will be present with the veterinarian during your pet’s entire anesthetic period.  With specialized training and the help of our monitoring equipment, the technician and Doctor will keep close track of your pet’s vital signs and stability while under anesthesia.  After surgery, your pet is continually monitored until he/she is fully awake and has a normal body temperature.  In the majority of cases, your pet will leave the hospital alert and ambulatory the same day of the procedure.

Comfort and Pain Management

Just like people, animals experience pain.  They just cannot express it like we do.  It is very important to us that every patient has good pain control during and after surgery.  We use special pain management protocols and provide intensive after-surgery assessment and management to keep your pet comfortable.  Pain control medication will be dispensed for your pet to continue at home.  Good pain managment helps speed healing and recovery.