Diagnostics Laboratory and Imaging

Prevention is the key to good health

Laboratory testing is “a window into your pet’s body”, helping us see the health of the organ systems. Sometimes, a pet that appears healthy can often be hiding symptoms of disease. A physical exam may not be enough to diagnose your pet and additional diagnostic tests may be required.

Coral Breeze Animal Hospital is equipped with a complete, state-of-the art diagnostic laboratory with results often available the same day of the appointment. We also work with several outside laboratories should your pet require specialized testing. Complete blood counts, blood chemistry panels, electrolytes, urinalysis, fecal examinations, heartworm testing, ear discharge analysis, and skin scrapes are some of the many laboratory tests that we can perform at the hospital.

Whether performing bloodwork before a surgical procedure or on a yearly basis for maintaining good health, laboratory testing is one of the best ways to catch and treat problems before they become major and life-threatening.

Digital Radiology

At Coral Breeze Animal Hospital we have a complete digital radiology suite.  This system does not use traditional film, making it faster, easier and safer to take high quality radiographs.  X-rays can be taken and processed within minutes, helping us reach a diagnosis in far less time.  This system also allows us to easily send x-rays to radiology specialists if a consultation is desired.


We have an ultrasound machine on site for minimal diagnostic purposes.  For more involved cases, we use the expertise of a certified ultrasonographer and a board-certified radiologist.  We can have results and a full report within 24 hours.