Day Care

Have to work through your lunch break? Need to run errands during the day? Have an unexpected situation?  AND you feel bad about leaving your pet at home alone all day?

Don’t worry.  We can take care of your pet for the day!

  • Socialization
    As an alternative to leaving your pet crated all day, daycare provides an environment for pets to be around other people and animals. Each pet will get individual play time with our camp counselors.
  • Help with Housetraining
    If you have a very young dog or an older dog that cannot wait until you get home to go to the bathroom, consider taking them to daycare.  Each pet gets walked at least 5 times during the day. Our camp counselors will make sure each pet has plenty of chances to go potty during the day.
  • Weight Management
    A couple of extra walks can go a long way.   With at least 5 walks during the day, your dog will burn more calories than just laying around at home or in a crate.  It may be just what he/she needs to shed those extra pounds.
  • Tired Dogs
    A tired dog is a good dog.  After play time with our camp counselors and 5 walks, your dog will be ready to lie down and cuddle next to you after a long day.
  • Healthier Pets
    Pets who get more playtime and exercise are often healthier and live longer.

Call our office at 561-738-9400 today to get more information or schedule an appointment.